Why use a database – Quality Counts!

I said in my previous blog that I would cover “why” you should use a database. “Why” is a small word with a big meaning and as there are so many reasons why a business should consider using a database, I am going to break this down into bite size chunks!

First of all I am going to cover the need to have good quality, accurate information recorded no matter what system you use. I would argue that for any business the quality of your contact with your clients/customers is one of the most important aspects that needs to be considered.

Let’s just take a moment to consider our own personal experiences with other companies and organisations. How do you feel when you receive correspondence that has your name spelt wrongly? It happens to me all the time and yes I know my surname is not that common but the companies that take the time to get it right move up in my estimation and are more likely to get my business now and in the future!

Okay, so mistakes happen but then how much more annoying is it when you tell them about the mistake yet it is still not corrected! If companies cannot achieve something as basic as spelling your name correctly, what else are they doing wrong!

Most people will shop around and attention to detail can help give you the edge against your competitors.

No matter what client information you need for your business you can guarantee it is like storing shifting sand. Details constantly change. People move house, change their mobile phone numbers, change email details, move jobs, have children, get married, get divorced! The list is never ending!

Maybe you have client details recorded on a spreadsheet. Perhaps on more than one spreadsheet! Maybe you also have details recorded in a paper file and in an accounting package? So you phone a client and find out they have moved. You note this in the paper file but forget to update the spreadsheet and the accounts package.

You don’t realise that there is a problem until that invoice you sent out 90 days ago has not been paid and you have not been getting responses to reminder letters. By the time you have established what has happened you have not only wasted valuable business hours chasing payments but also your cash flow has been adversely affected possibly costing you more money by way of interest charged or not gained!

A well written database system will store client information ONCE and used it throughout your business. This makes it far easier to keep up to date which saves you time AND money.

My next blog will consider the importance of NOT wasting time in business!


One Response to Why use a database – Quality Counts!

  1. Rahul says:

    Excellent tip. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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