Follow the yellow brick road…

December 4, 2009

The Wizard of Oz has just turned seventy years old and is one of the most watched films ever! So just what exactly has this got to do with good database design?

Well in the film Dorothy and her trusty dog Toto have to follow the yellow brick road to finish their journey. Along the way when they left the road they met all sorts of problems but eventually with the help of some new found friends Dorothy got back onto the road and eventually reached her destination.

No matter what business you are in you will have set procedures to complete a specific task. You might have to follow a specific sales process. Maybe there are legal restrictions and requirements to consider. Perhaps you are using set scripts when staff speak to customers. Are you sending out catalogues and brochures?

So when you or your staff step off the “yellow brick road” are you running the very real risk that something might go wrong? Is that vital piece of information you need to complete that sale missing? Ask yourself how many times YOU have cut corners and ended up going back to re-do things. I know I have many a time and almost every time I have ended up spending extra time back tracking and starting over!

How much time does it take to sort out problems caused when people don’t stick to the script or the laid down procedures. In business we all know time is money! Perhaps you use scripts, check boxes and tick lists to help, but are they always followed or used?

So here’s the thing! If in your business you have set procedures, what safety net do you have in place to keep everything on task? It might be that a database system can do exactly that for your business. A good system can make sure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed. Never again forget that vital piece of information to complete a sale!

I strongly recommend any business to take time out and consider exactly what is in place to make sure that procedures are followed?

How much quicker would Dorothy arrive at the Emerald City if she had not ended up in the castle with the wicked witch and instead stayed on the yellow brick road?